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Real or Fake?

Numbers show that more households continue to purchase real trees for Christmas than artificial trees. Real trees placed in your home for Christmas are specifically grown to become Christmas trees. These farms usually grow one to three trees to replace each one cut down. The real trees we have decorated in our home have been cut down from local tree farms in our area. I enjoy using a hand saw to cut the trees to the ground.

Advantages of artificial trees are that there will be no pine needles to clean up when removing the tree from your home, and no mold spores which could trigger allergic reactions. Artificial trees contain a fire-retardant chemical to make them less flammable, whereas a real tree can catch fire if it has a heat source and does not have adequate water. An artificial tree also requires no watering. Price is another consideration when considering which type of tree to buy. Initially, it can be more expensive to purchase an artificial tree, but if it is reused year after year it can offer cost savings.

There are many advantages of real Christmas trees as well, such as the lovely pine smell. A real tree also offers the fun and tradition of harvesting the tree with your family. Real fir trees can easily be recycled following the holidays, but artificial trees can’t be recyclable due to their non-biodegradable plastic materials.

Whichever tree you decide to use in your home for the holidays, don’t lose site of the reason for the season and the joy of building new family traditions.

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