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Our Log Home

I couldn’t imagine building anything but a log home for my family. Our home is nestled on the side of a hill in the countryside. The corner stone of our home is engraved with the year 2005. This is the year our log home was completed. I say completed but, in reality, it would be an additional five years before all of the smaller details would be complete. My wife designed the home as a “retirement chalet” but I’m one of those “go big or go home” kind of guys and the word chalet is not in my vocabulary! Our home is a little over 4,000 sq. feet with three bedrooms, two and one-half baths, and a loft. I chose twelve-inch whole logs to build the outer walls and multiple tree species for the interior walls. Our outside wood burner serves as the main heat source for our radiant heated floors. My favorite feature of the home is the colossal stone fireplace which begins at the top of the loft and ends double-sided in the basement.

The home took a total of four log trucks full of logs to complete the shell. The screws used to keep the logs in place are 14 inches in length. There is a little more upkeep involved with a log home, such as staining it every three or four years. This isn’t always easy to do when your home hangs over the side of a hill, but this terrane is something that I am used to as someone in the logging and tree service business.

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